How do you measure success? I know that sounds like a lyric from a wall street adaption of ‘RENT’, but it’s a question that becomes a lot more abstract in the world of theatre. Is it good ticket sales? Reviews? Brand awareness? Number of performances? In the end, we’ve come to the conclusion that success isn’t something you can measure. It’s something you feel.

And we feel great.

In 2012, Brave New Productions launched our two biggest, most ambitious projects. The first, Callistro The Great, was created for an outside investor based on a script he’d purchased a long time ago. His dream was to see it brought to life, which provided an incredible opportunity for us to explore a different side of Brave New Productions. Callistro fueled the fire not only for our next project, but also inspired our entire artistic direction for 2013. The second project this year, “The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later”, was a huge accomplishment for our team. It was our first time bringing together a massive cast, with an established script, in order to bring a very compelling story to life. It also was our first foray into drama. The feedback we received was incredible, and it became our second show to live on with performances in Toronto.

2013 is a milestone year for us. We turn 10. Looking around at Montreal’s theatre landscape, we see very few of the companies that started when we did. The truth is it’s hard. If you’re in it for the fame or the money, you’re going to have to be patient and unbelievably optimistic. Finding the time, resources, and energy to push forward with each new show requires a huge amount of dedication. Looking back at the first “Fairy’s Tale” and comparing it to the latest “The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later”, you can see how far we’ve come, and the plan is to take it even further (as far as it can go!). Our stories are worth telling, our talents are worth sharing – and we want to share them with as many people as possible. Our dedication and passion is renewed in a way where there is no limit to what comes next.

In 2013 we are revising our mission, our vision, and even our branding. And while we have huge plans for the future, we also want to stay true to what makes us special. Ten plays later and our values are still the same. Friendship is paramount, and the journey is as important as the destination. Each new show is a step towards our goal, and while we don’t plan on skipping any steps, the pace of our passion is something we can all feel intensifying. The truth is, we are just getting started. 2013 will be our most ambitious year, and that’s only possible thanks to the team we’ve assembled, and your support. Many thanks are in order to all of those who have volunteered their time and knowledge to help us over the years in crucial areas including lighting, sound, ticket sales and promotion.

Thank you for that continued support through the years. You’re the only reason we’re able to do what we love.

Donald, Marc, Dave & Emma