Brave New Productions is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary with ‘ART’, a Tony-Award winning comedy by Yasmina Reza (English translation by Christopher Hampton). Opening February 28th, 2013 at Theatre Ste-Catherine, ‘ART’ comes on the heels of Brave New Productions’ much praised “The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later”, and is an official event of NUIT BLANCHE, the culminating  night of the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival.

When Serge (Donald Rees) buys an outrageously expensive painting, it’s an act that may spark the downfall of his life-long friendships with Yvan (Sean Curley) and Marc (Nir Guzinski). You see, the painting is entirely white and everyone has an opinion. What is art? Who gets to decide? A hilarious and thoughtful comedy directed by Emma McQueen. ‘ART’ is produced by David Reudelhuber with lighting design by Isabelle Tremblay.

February 28th – March 9th, 2013
Tickets: 20$ *Discounts available for Students, Seniors and QDF members.

Tickets may be purchased directly from Theatre Ste-Catherine, either at the box office or by visiting

In celebration of ‘ART’ and Brave New Productions’ 10th anniversary, Théâtre Ste-Catherine will be transformed into “The ‘ART’ Gallery”, with works on display from members of the cast, alumni, and selected pieces created by artists from across Canada. The gallery will be open before and after all performances of ‘ART’, and many pieces will be available for purchase as part of a silent auction.

ABOUT ‘ART’ – French playwright Yasmina Reza garnered international acclaim with her play ‘ART’ (1994), for which she received the 1998 Lawrence Olivier Award for best comedy and the 1998 Antoinette Perry (Tony) Award for best play, as well as Molière awards for best author, best play, and best production.
‘ART’ concerns the cataclysmic effect on three friends, Serge, Marc, and Yvan, when Serge purchases an expensive work of abstract art – a large painting consisting of white lines on a white canvas. As the three men engage in an ongoing debate over the value of the painting, emotions run high and the conflict escalates to the point of nearly destroying a long-standing friendship.
‘ART’ addresses themes exploring various aspects of the nature of friendship. Most critics agree that ‘ART’ is less about debates over artistic values than it is about the complexities of friendship. As Robert Hurwitt observed in a review for the San Francisco Chronicle, “’ART’ isn’t about aesthetics but the psychological, emotional and power dynamics of friendship.”

ABOUT BRAVE NEW PRODUCTIONS – Founded in 2003, Brave New Productions began as a theatre company creating works from the ground up. Anything can be considered art, but not all art is entertainment. At Brave New Productions we want to create a new generation of entertaining theatre for a new generation audience. We’re eager to work with passionate and talented performers to create something new and exciting for the stage. We believe that the process is as important as the result, and that often it is through the journey itself that we find the destination.

ABOUT MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE – One of the largest winter festivals in the world, an annual celebration drawing 900,000 fans to experience the joy of Montréal wintertime through a unique program combining performing arts, gastronomy, free outdoor family activities, and a full night of exquisitely original discoveries! Music, circus arts, song, theatre, dance… every facet of culture glitters in Montréal during the Arts Program of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE. The program puts the spotlight on the city with a rich and eclectic program welcoming icons as well as emerging artists from home and abroad. Over the course of 11 days, an array of new discoveries, original creations and dazzling performances become part of the daily fabric of Montréal life.
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ABOUT NUIT BLANCHE – Every year, the festival en lumiere closes by kicking off the “Nuits blanches” celebrations around the world. And what a kickoff! The NUIT BLANCHE in Montréal invites locals and tourists to enjoy some 180 mostly free activities, all of them linked by a free shuttle service. Whether onstage or onscreen, in the great outdoors or under the spotlights, in music or in story, installations, exhibitions or dance, the city lights up the night with a full spectrum of fun and festive discoveries for all!

Information : David Reudelhuber, Producer
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