Brave New Productions is seeking actors for our upcoming show “Done To Death” by Fred Carmichael. We are looking for people with a strong sense of comedy who are able to create and embody a very stylized character from the list below. The ages and ”looks” outlined below are suggestions only and not absolute – so if you feel you can articulate a certain character but may not look the part, audition anyway! Enthusiasm and talent are more important to us than experience – and we can’t wait to hear from you!


JESSICA OLIVE – an extremely attractive and sophisticated woman in her middle to late thirties. To her, everything is a joke with a reason to laugh. She and her husband are the epitome of the rich, devil-may-care type of characters who used to be so prevalent in mystery stories and they play their characters to the hilt. AGE: 25-40

JANE РShe is an eager, young and pretty maid, but one suspects, for a time, that her naiveté is not all pure. Sweet and sympathetic. AGE: 25-35

MARTHA – Typical of thirties movies. She speaks with the voice of a hardened woman of the world. AGE: 25-40

GIRL – The epitome of the twenties ingenue. Her eyes are wide to their fullest circle with pure innocence. Her hair is a mass of curls and when she moves it is in the manner of the early movies. AGE: 20-35

STEPHANIE MILDAUR – A beautiful girl, though very young. Although innocent, there is a certain worldliness about her which has come from her life surroundings. AGE: 20-30

SECRETARY: As modern as they come. She wears only a trench coat which she later removes to reveal only a bikini. She speaks with a slight foreign accent and is beautiful. AGE: 20-30


WHITNEY OLIVE – a few years older than Jessica, he matches her in wit and sophistication. Always the perfect gentleman. AGE 25-40

BRAD BENEDICT- he is much younger than the others, and, consequently, more modernly dressed. He is very shy and quite the opposite of the characters he writes about in his books. He has a quiet sense of humour which manifests itself in a small grin when he has been amusing, but usually he takes a back seat and admires the others. AGE: 25-35

RODNEY DUCKTON – the oldest of the five authors, but he is extremely vital and constantly interested in everything that goes on. He develops several rivalries throughout the piece and refuses to admit that he’s gone out of style. AGE: 30-70

GREGORY – Dressed in a typical formal butler’s outfit. He somehow looks remarkably like a Dracula character with his dark, penetrating eyes. When he speaks, it is in a deep, middle-european accent. AGE: 30-45

GEORGE – is about thirty and dressed in a bright, pinstriped suit with the unmistakable wide lapels and shoulder paddings of the thirties. He speaks in a very soft and sophisticated voice which almost purrs his villainy. AGE: 30-45

MAN – Similar style as George, though when he speaks it is with a tough, staccato voice. AGE: 25-45

Please provide your headshot and CV as well as which character(s) you’d like to audition for to [email protected] If you’re not sure who to audition for, that’s okay. Sides will be provided for the audition. This is a non-equity/non-paying opportunity. If you’d like to know more about our company and our values, please visit our website. The deadline for applications is July 5th.