The team at Brave New Productions have had a busy year making the most of our 10th anniversary. From our very special run of Yasmina Reza’s ‘ART’, to the topical and ground-breaking “Standing On Ceremony”, we are constantly coming up with new ways to be creative and entertain. This year saw the launch of “Brave New Comedy” – with it’s podcasts, web series and live shows – and now we are very excited to announce something entirely Brave & New.

“Brave & New: Music Inspired by the first 10 Years” is a special project, nine months in the making. Working with a team of passionate producers, we set out to create a unique soundtrack for the past ten years. Utilizing themes and sound samples from our shows, we’ve put together a truly special collection of songs that run the gamut of electronica styles. Sampling dozens of audio bits reaching all the way back to our first play, each song is a testament to the power of persistence, passion, friendship and – perhaps most importantly – the power of staying playful.

By including the voices of our team the album has transformed into a celebration of not only our story but the incredible people we’ve worked with. The samples may be remixed and used subtly, but they are there – infused in each song, providing an element that makes this project truly original.

We’ve had the great fortune of working with an incredible roster of musicians including: Luca Sands, Nana Sam, Julien Marlow & more as we’ve put together this compilation – which doubles as a fundraising initiative for the company. Every penny from record sales will be invested directly into our upcoming Brave New Production. “Brave & New” will be available in digital stores this August. A physical CD will be available for purchase this September.

Download the album, light some candles, put on your best earphones (or blare your best speakers) and enjoy “Brave & New: The First 10 Years”. Oh, and if you should feel the urge to dance – don’t resist!


  1. DO IT by LUCA SANDS (Featuring Samples from Fairy’s Tale (2005)  including the voices of Marc Roth, Donald Rees & David Reudelhuber)
  2. DROP (CLOSE YOUR EYES) by LUCA SANDS (Feauturing Samples from Being Earnest (2011) and Fairy’s Tale: Uncut (2007) including the voices of Emma McQueen and Donald Rees)
  3. HELLO EVERYONE by DONALD REES (Featuring Samples from Here’s To Love! (2011) including the voices of Stephanie Coco-Palermo, Michel Boyer and Jennifer Mason)
  4. LOVE/PAIN ON THE RADIO by NANA SAM (Friend of the Company)
  5. GATE 19 (INTERLUDE) (Featuring Samples from Standing On Ceremony (2013) including the voice of Santiago Espinosa)
  6. RUMBA IN SAN MIGUELO by JULIEN MARLOW (Featuring Samples from Callistro The Great (2012) including the voice of Sean Curley)
  7. FEVER by LUCA SANDS (Inspired by Callistro The Great and Learning To Hula)
  8. THE HULA by JULIEN MARLOW (Featuring Samples from Learning To Hula (2005) including the voices of Peggy Tsarouhas Cormier and Donald Rees)
  9. LIFE IS PREDICTABLE by JULIEN MARLOW (Featuring Samples from Fairy’s Tale: Lucky Love (2006) including the voices of David Reudelhuber and Donald Rees)
  10. CROSSROADS by LUCA SANDS (Inspired by The Laramie Project: 10 YEARS LATER)
  11. PLAY by DONALD REES (Featuring Samples from ‘ART’, including the voices of Nir Guzinski, Sean Curley and Donald Rees)


Digital Album Release Dates:

  • Spotify – Friday, August 16th
  • Amazon – Tuesday, August 20th
  • iTunes – Tuesday, August 20th
  • Google Play, Rdio, Xbox Music, Deezer, Rhapsody, eMusic, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Sony Music Unlimited – Monday, August 27th

Physical Album Release Date:

  • Amazon – Tuesday, September 3rd