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Our Brave New Company

With a focus on mixing art with entertainment, we want to share unique and original content with our community. From developing original works to exposing our audiences to international material, we embrace the brave, the different and the new.

We want to tell stories in unique and engaging ways while supporting artists in the community. We believe the secret to our success comes from the talent, dedication and vision of our production team and company members. Our success isn’t measured by ticket sales or reviews, but by pride in the work we do and joy from the relationships we build.

Meet Our Directors

Donald Rees
Donald ReesCo-Founder & Executive Director
Emma McQueen
Emma McQueenDirector & Actor
Marc Roth
Marc RothCo-Founder & Director of Development

Company Members

Our Brave New Company members are frequent performers and valuable crew regulars in our productions.
They have helped define our brand and are essential secrets to our success!

Stephanie Coco-Palermo
Stephanie Coco-PalermoActor
Sean Curley
Sean CurleyActor, Communications Manager
J.S. Elie
J.S. ElieActor
Nir Guzinski
Nir GuzinskiActor, Co-Producer
Jennifer Mason
Jennifer MasonActor
Stephanie McKenna
Stephanie McKennaEvents and Community Outreach Coordinator
Michel Tanguay
Michel TanguayWebmaster
Angelo Vernucci
Angelo VernucciActor
Kenny Wong
Kenny WongActor

Legacy Members

Though they may not be actively involved at the moment, these company members have played a significant role in our past
and have been directly responsible for the success and growth of our company.

Tracy Allan
Tracy AllanCasting Coordinator
Santiago Espinosa
Santiago Espinosa
Claudia Laprise
Claudia Laprise
David Reudelhuber
David Reudelhuber
Isabelle Tremblay
Isabelle Tremblay