Project Description


Brave New Productions celebrates its 10th anniversary with the Tony-Award winning comedy by Yasmina Reza

About the Show

French playwright Yasmina Reza garnered international acclaim with her play “ART” (1994), for which she received the 1998 Lawrence Olivier Award for best comedy and the 1998 Antoinette Perry (Tony) Award for best play, as well as Molière awards for best author, best play, and best production.

“ART” concerns the cataclysmic effect on three friends, Serge, Marc, and Yvan, when Serge purchases an expensive work of abstract art – a large painting consisting of white lines on a white canvas. As the three men engage in an ongoing debate over the value of the painting, emotions run high and the conflict escalates to the point of nearly destroying a long-standing friendship.

“ART” addresses themes exploring various aspects of the nature of friendship. Most critics agree that “ART” is less about debates over artistic values than it is about the complexities of friendship. As Robert Hurwitt observed in a review for the San Francisco Chronicle, « “ART” isn’t about aesthetics but the psychological, emotional and power dynamics of friendship. »

  • Written by: Yasmina Reza
  • English translation by: Christopher Hampton
  • Directed by: Emma McQueen
  • Produced by: David Reudelhuber
  • Lighting Design by: Isabelle Tremblay

The Cast

Sean Curley
Sean CurleyYvan
Nir Guzinski
Nir GuzinskiMarc
Donald Rees
Donald ReesSerge