Project Description

Callistro The Great

On the island of San Miguelo, life is beginning to unravel...

About the Show

Callistro The Great marks Brave New Productions’ 8th original show. A dark political comedy set in a fictional South American nation during the early 1980s, it’s a bold new presentation from author D.M. Bruce and director Emma McQueen.

Alternating between frenzied government talks on the corrupt island, and negotiations with San Miguelo’s great “anti-atheistic” neighbour to the north, America, it’s the story of Salone (Sean Curley), a government minister tasked by his country’s dictator Ignatzio (Stefano Saykaly) with raising a certain sum of cash, and quick… The results are unpredictable and might just start a revolution.

  • Production Manager & Assistant Director: Donald Rees
  • Stage Manager & Assistant Producer: David Reudelhuber
  • Director: Emma McQueen
  • Social Media & Culture Consultant: Orlando López
  • Lighting Design & Technical: Cara De Granpré
  • Set Design: Genia De Marco
  • Graphic Design: Alice Phieu
  • Make-Up Artist: Clarisse Desire

The Cast

Sean Curley
Sean CurleySalone
Baz Dajani
Baz DajaniGiovanni
Alexandre Lapointe
Alexandre LapointeSmorza Vornoff
Stefano Saykaly
Stefano SaykalyIgnatzio President
Stephen Rochon
Stephen RochonStockton
Nir Guzinski
Nir GuzinskiCarlo, 1st Aid
Tony Truax
Tony TruaxLuis, 2nd Aid
Donald Rees
Donald ReesPedro
Stephanie Coco-Palermo
Stephanie Coco-PalermoRogers